Keeping alcohol OFF the guest list

Some parents have the attitude that letting teens drink under their roof is “safe drinking”, but when it comes to teens, there is no safe drinking. In fact, studies have proven that by allowing your teen to drink under your roof has the reverse effect. Teens who can drink at home are more likely to drink outside their home.

In addition, assuming you are willing to take the legal risks, providing alcohol to other teens without their parents’ permission is not only against the law, it is also against the beliefs of most parents. Teen drinking is the cause of a series of adverse effects including motor vehicle crashes, risky sexual behaviors; accidental deaths; decreased school performance; brain impairment; economic costs to communities, and more.

This site and the Safe House campaign was created by the Lincoln Prevention Coalition to inform and educate parents about underage drinking and provide a platform for parents to feel safe about allowing their teen to attend a party, knowing that the host parent has taken the pledge to not allow underage drinking in their home. Here are a few ways that adults and teens can make sure that gatherings stay safe and sober.


  • Keep the guest list small.
  • Refuse to give anyone alcohol who is under 21.
  • Be home when your teen has friends over.
  • Be sure teens are not bringing alcohol into your home.
  • Lock up any alcohol in your home.
  • Talk to other parents. Make sure they know you do not support underage drinking.
  • Do not allow guests to bring in “backpacks” (alcohol could be hidden in the large bags)
  • Have “zero-tolerance” alcohol policy.
  • Talk to your teen about your expectations.
  • Lock up your liquor cabinet and remove alcohol from the refrigerator.
  • Stock up on snacks and non-alcoholic drinks.


  • Send or hand out written invitations instead of announcing the party on social media sites.
  • Tell your friends that the party is alcohol-free….NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • If someone shows ups up with alcohol, show them the door!
  • Don’t let guests bring people you don’t know.